Development trend of RV camp

1. By the end of 2016, China's RV market had about 30000 vehicles, less than one percent of that in Europe and the United States. The total number of cars in China is 194 million, and it has been growing in recent years. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of traveling and leisure vacation has been enhanced, and the market potential of self driving RV tourism is huge.
China's car ownership and growth rate in 2009-2016
Sales volume of recreational vehicles in China from 2009 to 2016
2. The camp will take on more vacation functions. The compound holiday camp is an important development direction of self driving RV camp in the future, forming a 1 + X + n self driving RV camp product mode.
Accommodation unit "1" includes: Housing car, wooden house, container, tent, tent, tree house, star house, etc
Characteristic environment "X" includes: mountain forest, water bank, field, sandbank, grassland, island, mountain, flower sea, etc
Interesting activities "n" include skiing, mountain climbing, surfing, hiking, sports, outdoor development, mountain cross-country, etc
3、 How to build a self driving RV camp?
(1) Development concept: dig in local characteristic resources to create a self driving RV camp with distinct theme, outstanding characteristics and complex functions.
(2) Scientific site selection -- environment, transportation, location and land use conditions are the four elements of camp site selection
3) Functional area of the camp: according to the type of the camp, its own characteristics and the consumption characteristics of the target tourist market, there are different functional areas. Generally speaking, there are: camp area, service center, leisure activity area and auxiliary facilities
(4) Reasonable scale - determining reasonable scale is the first priority for the success of the camp
1. Comprehensive consideration to determine camp scale
2. Site design: including space layout design, road design, parking lot design, entrance and exit design, camp design
(5) Various business location forms
Vacation type RV camp, trailer type RV camp, self driving camp, comfortable self driving camp and economic self driving camp
(6) Different style camp
Wild luxury type, Chinese type, desert type, Tibetan type, hot spring type, etc
(7) Diversified operation: driving force for sustainable development of self driving RV camp

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