Cultural homestay
a. Local houses:
Collect relevant non-governmental idle houses, villas and apartments, form different styles after the second decoration, and strive to reach a tourist residence suitable for travel and family travel.
b. Internet Hotel:
We have signed house rental agreements with major hotels, formed a fast service mode through network sales, and provided special accommodation services for consumers.
c. Scenic spot accommodation:
It is necessary to design and decorate residential buildings with cultural connotation and regional characteristics, combining with local cultural and folk customs, so as to form a tourist residence suitable for experiencing self-help travel and self driving in-depth travel.
d. Overall Village:
Combined with regional characteristics, the planning and management of the whole village with folk characteristics are included. Combined with experience tourism, crop planting, environmental protection, folk customs, education, training, pension, local ethnic handicraft industry and other factors, a new business model suitable for regional development is formed.

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