The business focuses on creating characteristic homestay culture with both human and natural attributes, making use of its own tangible and intangible traditional cultural heritage, creating places of interest, famous streets, famous shops, famous brands, famous dramas, famous chefs, famous dishes, famous snacks, etc., and standardizing service behavior.
According to the type and function, the homestay itself can be divided into many categories, such as farmhouse, country villa, etc. the main difference with the hotel is that the homestay has the local characteristic experience brought by the "host culture", the accommodation space is highly personalized, and the volume is small and beautiful. In the display of folk custom, we should integrate the traditional folk belief into the cultural activities with the color of the times, and create a living space for it, so that it can meet the psychological needs of modern people.
It is not only to provide accommodation for tourists, but also to integrate with local cultural, natural landscape and ecological features, so as to make accommodation a part of tourism culture. In business planning, offline experience is highlighted to form an experience mode with different cultural themes. While considering the marketing of homestay itself, efforts should be made to develop cultural and creative products, plan cultural activities, and form cultural and folk exchanges. Through the construction of environmental hardware and soft activities related to cultural themes, as well as regional exchanges, a business plan with cultural connotation should be formed. In combination with the basic mode of online big data and offline experience, the promotion plan is planned in different periods. The main carriers are the comprehensive operation of network, film and television media, paper media, traffic advertising and ground promotion activities, forming a three-dimensional market coverage, and collecting and managing big data and other files.

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