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United Culture Exchange(Beijing)Co.,Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as "the company") was founded in October 2016, with registered capital increased to 23 million yuan in December 2017. The company takes the general manager responsibility system as the management mode, and has five core departments under its jurisdiction, namely: comprehensive office center, financial settlement center, project management center, operation management center and cultural and creative planning center.
General office center is responsible for: human resource management, administrative management, file management, legal audit, daily procurement;
The financial settlement center is responsible for: fund management, accounting management, budget approval and financial settlement;
The project management center is responsible for: public relations, project negotiation and inspection, project supervision and management, project cooperation and implementation;
Cultural and creative planning center is responsible for: theme activity planning, cultural and creative extension product development, cultural and creative resource management;
Operation management center is responsible for: online network promotion, offline activity implementation, project marketing.
ZhongliaUnited Culture Exchange(Beijing)Co.,Ltd. is a new culture company based on the whole country and facing the world. Its business purpose is "light assets, soft power, diversified operation and cross-border cooperation". It carries out and implements all businesses of the company in the principle of "cultural self-confidence and green development".

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